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At Home With Katherine Denton

Melbourne's fashionable, Katherine Denton on what makes a timeless wardrobe.
The Tik Tok tastemaker sat down to discuss daily rituals, Australian Made design and timeless aesthetics.
At home with Katherine Denton
Katherine wears SHÉ Ace Shirt In Noir.
What is your secret to a timeless wardrobe?

Curating a timeless wardrobe involves investing in well-made pieces that flatter my body shape. This entails selecting garments with quality fabrics and thoughtful cuts and a tailored fit that stands the test of time!

They say a good day starts with a great morning routine. How do you seize the morning?

I try to do something active in the morning. At the moment it’s Pilates or Tennis. I find this really sets me up for my day!

Katherine wears SHÉ Ace Shirt In Noir.
What is one outfit essential you cannot live without?
In terms of clothing, probably a great white Tee!
What is your favourite SHÉ piece to incorporate in a look?

I adore everything but I always find myself being drawn to the shirting! 
SHE IN SHÉ Katherine Denton
Katherine wears SHÉ Alessandro Shirt in Noir. 
As an Australian tastemaker, how much importance do place on Australian made pieces, and an ethical supply chain?

Supporting Australian made pieces and ethical supply chains is so important. It's about celebrating local talent and embracing principles of fairness and sustainability.

How do you find balance between your incredible Jewellery brand KDJ and your personal brand?

To be honest, I don’t have much balance at the moment haha! This is a goal for next year.
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Katherine wears SHÉ Alessandro Shirt in Noir.