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Article: Pia Mance on building a brand and finding balance

Pia Mance in SHÉ

Pia Mance on building a brand and finding balance

Powerhouse Pia Mance on building her own cult jewellery brand, and the secret to a timeless wardrobe. 

Walk us through your favourite Heaven Mayhem style you cannot live without.

It's so hard to choose because I love every single pair of earrings, it’s like choosing a favorite child! It depends on the style and occasion. If I’m going for a casual, everyday effortless look, I love wearing Mini Knot, Ribbed, Tabi Gold. They’re just staples and go with everything. They’re our best sellers for a reason. 

If I’m going out for dinner or drinks, I love wearing Noir, Butter, Sling Maxi Gold, or Gigi. They really add a touch of elegance and WOW-ness to the look! 

What is your secret to a timeless wardrobe?

I like to invest in good quality basics. My non-negotiables are good quality jeans vintage Levi’s or Khaite, basic tanks and tees, I love the RLT and Eterne ones and of course I am obsessed with my black silk SHÉ shirt, I’ve worn it so many times. You can style it so many ways and it will definitely be in my wardrobe rotation for a long time.

What is your favourite SHÉ piece to incorporate in a look?

The black silk shirt! With jeans, boots and the Heaven Mayhem Tabi Gold earrings, it’s so perfect. Also with black pants – it’s just the best, most versatile shirt and I couldn’t speak more highly of it! You’ve made the best product.

What has been your biggest pinch me moment since launching Heaven Mayhem?

The biggest pinch-me moment would be seeing gorgeous women around the world, who I’ve looked up to / and drawn inspiration for so long wearing Heaven Mayhem. Namely, Rosie Huntington Whitely, Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey!

It's even crazier when I spot people wearing my earrings in real life, especially at events or just walking in the street. It feels so surreal to me and I love the community I've built.

How do you find balance between your incredible Jewellery brand Heaven Mayhem and your personal brand?

I like to plan out my weeks and stick to a good routine that works for me… I wake up super early (5am daily) and move my body. That’s crucial to get my body and mind going. I have my supplements and matcha and always breakfast, then I’m ready to go. 

I think running Heaven Mayhem and my personal brand goes hand-in-hand. My personal brand is more or less embodying the HM Woman through both my style and lifestyle. So it comes effortlessly. My content has definitely steered towards more BTS of running a brand and I think people love that, which works well as I don’t really have the time to create anything else.

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