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Article: Founder of SHÉ Courtney Mcgregor

Founder of SHÉ Courtney Mcgregor

Founder of SHÉ Courtney Mcgregor

Where did the name SHÉ come from?

It is my middle name!! 

When was SHÉ born?

I started the business in December 2020 - Covid Baby.

Courtney McGregor

What has been the most rewarding part of the journey so far?

For me there is no better feeling than walking into a room and seeing someone you have never met wearing a SHÉ piece. It really lights up my entire day knowing that the clothes I designed are making a small difference in someone getting up and feeling beautiful.

Have any celebrities worn your clothes?

We have had amazing Australian influencers wear our pieces some of whom are - Pia Mance, Steph Claire Smith, Brooke Hogan, Katherine Denton, Gemma Watts, Dani Shreeve, Sarah Abo, Dina Broadhurst.

Sofia Ritchie also pulled some of our pieces! 

Steph Claire SmithDani Shreeve

Sarah AboBrooke Hogan

Brooke HoganDina Broadhurst

Dani ShreevePia Mance

GemmaKatherine DentonClaire Rose

Tell us a funny story?

Well this is funny but motivating at the same time.. When I went to tell my Dad that I was starting my own business (being the eternally honest and sometimes blunt individual he is - Love you dad) he told me in no uncertain terms that he would not hire me and to think hard about ploughing my life savings into a business with dreams of dominating the insanely competitive rag trade. 

What would be your advice to any other female founders out there?

Surround yourself with intelligent, motivated and supportive (but honest) people. Never ever give up, take one day at a time and enjoy the journey.   

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